I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot, or at least a misinterpreted foot (if that is even a thing?).  I don’t want any of you to think I am not, at my core, happy.  I am.  I am very happy, and gosh darn it people like me.

Trust me, I can see how reading my first blog posts would give you the idea that I am unhappy or depressed.  Let me assure you I am none of those things.  Like I said in my first blog post- I wouldn’t feel sorry for me.  I will be the first to acknowledge that I have a wonderful life with not a lot to complain about.  I have my general health.  Both my parents and those close to me are relatively healthy.  I have a career and I make pretty good money. I get to travel a lot and immerse myself into other cultures whenever I please. I have a very understanding boyfriend who loves me even when I’m in my sweats and suggest that if he really loved me he would go get me my DAMN CLOWN CONE (from Baskin Robbins).  I have made countless friends over the various periods of my life that I hold on to and cherish as if we met the day I was born. I have nieces and nephews that still think  I am young and can use me as a jungle gym, I can tan without burning….. AND I can rub my belly and pat my head at the same time- I have some real #GirlBoss skills.  Really the only thing that I can complain about is what inspired me to start this blog… my weight issues.  Period.  Full Stop.

One reason I decided to go public with this insecurity of mine is because every day we jump on social media, scroll through our newsfeed and we see all the greatness that is going on in our friends, family, or celebrities lives.  The celebrations, the pretty pictures with  great lighting and filtered to the ends of the earth… the list goes on.  I know this because I do it almost very gosh darn time I post a picture or “check in.” We are constantly trying to play “keeping up with the Jones'” with every post and click.   I think that is why the response to something imperfect made people wonder if I was in a bad place.  When the consistent themes on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are about politics and selfies, and we are all in this constant battle to one up each other and stay relevant – its easy to see how when one thing is not like all the others causes people to stop and think “oh shit, what’s wrong with her? Is she OK?”

Why don’t we share the mundane, the average, the everyday, the “Stars are Just Like Us, The Real People Version” more often? We are regular, everyday people!  There doesn’t always have to be something spectacular going on to share with those we love.   Doesn’t the average, no matter if its good, bad, or ugly make us more relatable to each other?  Its funny that we praise when a celebrity posts a #NoMakeUpSelfie or #NoFilter or #NoPhotoshop picture and applaud them for being so real and raw, but when one of our own does that we think that maybe its a cry for help.  I am quite often guilty of this.

A couple years ago (I believe it was) Tyra Banks, or Debra Messing, or some other rockin’ female empowerment celebrity who challenged us to take a #FreshFaceFriday selfie and post it to our social media page.  No make up, no great lighting, no filters, no nothing…. So I challenge you this Labor Day Weekend to post something that is real and raw.  Please no food pics, we’ve all had enough of those.  Don’t cover yourself up with a filter, great lighting, great angles, and/or “hand on hip” photo just once.  See yourself and let people see you for who you really are.  Just an awesome human being making ends meet and living YOUR best life.  Embrace your awesome.

Alright, I have to go right now b/c I am out of breath being so high up on this soap box I built for myself and right now is “magic hour”… these #Selfies aren’t going to take themselves.

WEIGH IN/MEASUREMENTS: 159LBS, Chest 37.5, Under Boob 30.75, Belly Button 33.25, Below Hips 38.75, Largest Part of Butt 42- not much moving but I’ll take it.  Slow and steady wins the race.

SONG OF THE WEEK: “It’s Only Life” by Kate Voegele

Take your hesitance,
And your self defense,
Leave them behind,
It’s only life,
Don’t be so afraid of facing every day,
Just take your time,
It’s only life,
I’ll be your stepping stone,
Don’t be so alone,
Just hold on tight, it’s only life,

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